The Kaboo Tech Pouch Bags

The Kaboo Tech Pouch Bags
The Kaboo Tech Pouch Bags | US$125.00 |

till now, there’s little attention paid to gadget bag dedicated to lady users which results in the fairer sex having to carry those rather manly bags, in addition to their lovely handbags or in some instances, they would simply cramp their tablets along with their ladies’ essential such as lipstick, compact mirror and makeup powder in the same compartment. needless to say, this will put their tablets or other mobile gadgets in harms way. seriously, it is no fun having your precious tablet scratched. however, Kaboo is set to change all that with its Tech Pouch line of handbags for ladies. the collection comprises of a variety of design to suit individual taste and with each bag featuring a dedicated compartment that allows the tablet to be easily slide in and out. in case you are wondering, this dedicated compartment is not just any compartment. it features an impact resistant core sandwiched between two layers of foam padding for added protection and it has a expandable design, giving the gadget stored within a snug fit. as of now, there are eight designs and colors to choose from with each costing $125. to be honest, the number of designs may not be as many as some ladies might have liked but hey, they sure beats lugging along a manly bag, isn’t it? join us for a short intro video of the Tech Pouch after the break.

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