Thanks To Masters Of The Universe Latex Masks, You Need To Be Hideous To Cosplay As Mer-Man Or Trap Jaw

Whether you have a passion for cosplaying as characters from Masters of the Universe or you’re feeling nostalgic about the latex MOTU masks from the 80s, NECA has got you covered with the Masters of the Universe Latex Masks. These masks are undoubtedly much more appealing (read: way less creepy) than their 80s counterparts.

Blast From The Past: Dad DIY-ed This Amazing Doc Ock Costume Out Of Foam For His Kid

This is too good not to share, even if it means this happened six years ago. What you’re looking at are rare images of Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius when he was just a kid, already displaying his tenacious character. Just kidding! Doc didn’t become a human with mechanical appendages until he was a full-grown mad … Announced Exclusive G1 Transformers Costumes For Halloween

Are you ready to transform and roll out this Halloween? OK, maybe not transform but just roll out. If you do, then has a bunch of exclusive G1 Transformers costumes for you and your kids. The costumes include Arcee, Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Starscream.

Inflatable Halloween Costumes: Stand Out At Your Next Rave

Halloween is not just about trick-or-treating and spooky decorations; it’s a chance to embrace your creativity and show off your most eccentric side. But why limit the fun to just one day? Imagine the thrill of combining Halloween vibes with the electrifying atmosphere of a rave! Enter inflatable Halloween costumes – the ultimate way to …

Sexy Hand Sanitizer Costume Is A Thing Now Because, It’s 2020

Halloween may be off for 2020. But I am sure someone will go ahead to suit up anyways and you can bet your ass that coronavirus costume will be one of them. And if so, it is time for you to fight back with, well, a sexy hand sanitizing costume from fashion retailer Yandy.