HasLab Victory Saber Engineering Pilot 1

You saw the painted prototype, now have a look at the HasLab Victory Saber Engineering Pilot 1 in the flesh (or maybe plastic?). While not what the eventual product will look like in terms of the deco, it is a pretty good representation of the final product.

HasLab Victory Saber Engineering Pilot 1

Evan, the designer of HasLab Victory Saber shared a first look video on Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel.

In the video, Evan gave viewers an extensive look at the engineering sample (dubbed EP1 or Engineering Pilot 1) which includes the Brain of Courage Brainmaster figure, Autobot Saber figure, V-Star jet, Victory Leo figure, and a bunch of accessories, including the iconic Sword of Justice, V-lock cannon, blast effects, an Autobot display stand, and the shield.

However, the included micromasters are not present since they are not new molds. They are just redecos. Anyhoo, in this super extensive video that lasted over 40 minutes, Evan shows off each component of the Victory Saber, taking viewers through the transformation to different modes, the articulations, and finally, the combined mode.

HasLab Victory Saber Engineering Pilot 1

It is definitely worth the watch for those who have backed the HasLab Transformers Victory Saber. But dang it. The video made me want to have a few sets so that I could have them on display in their different modes. Unfortunately, it is too late for that.

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Keep going and have a look at the video.

P.S. For those who are not familiar with Star Saber/Victory Saber, there is a video by Chris McFeely that will get you up to speed.

Images: YouTube (Hasbro Pulse).