Life-size Battle Damaged Nano Gauntlet

The gauntlet, Infinity and Nano, are collectibles that no fans of Avengers should be without. In this respect and as far as movie-accurate examples are concerned, Hot Toys sure have fans covered, or does it? Actually, not quite.

The Hong Kong market may have a bunch, but it most definitely does not have the one that adapted by Tony’s shape-shifting nano tech Iron Man suit that ended the career of Thanos and his army of baddies.

While it looks like fans’ collection will be forever incomplete, another Hong Kong-based collectible maker has stepped in to filled the void.

Meet the Life-size Battle Damaged Nano Gauntlet. A 1:1 scale replica of the exact gauntlet morphed from Tony’s suit. It stands over a meter tall (or 61 cm/24 inches to be exact) and boasts battle damaged Tony suffered during the clash.

It does not look like it is wearable. However, in lieu of wearability, it comes with a display stand and the gauntlet itself offers user-activated lights and sound effects.

Clearly, I am sold, but sadly, the asking price of $649.99 is beyond my means. For everyone else who have the financial muscle to flex, you are welcome to pre-order it now. The item will be available sometime in Q4 2020.

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Images: Facebook (@thetaurusstudio).

Source: Geek Culture.