Are your hands busy with gaming and yet, your stomach is growling in protest? Fret not because, Pringles Hunger Hammer is here to the rescue. Pringles Hunger Hammer is a 3D-printed accessory retrofitted to a pair of gaming headphones that, at a push of a button (unfortunately, you will need to manually trigger it), it serves up a Pringles or several right up to where you mouth is.

Well, most of time as Twitch streamer Criken had demonstrated. It is not a serious gadget. It is more like gag product. But the Kellogg-owned snack maker won’t just plonk down time and money for nothing. The Pringles Hunger Hammer Gaming Headset was developed as part of a promotion of the new Gear 5 video game.

Pringles Hunger Hammer Gaming Headset

It is marketing campaign that meant to go viral which, at this point, does seem to be going viral. Anywho, as part of the partnership with The Coalition, each tube of Pringles has a code that Gears 5 gamers can unlock a three-day boost in the game, or something along the line. I am not really clear on this aspect.

The gist is, it is a promotion and the wacky semi-auto Pringles feeder is really more of a gag that I doubt it will be ever make available publicly. We have a good laugh watching Criken having a go with the contraption though.

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Keep going for the official Pringles Hunger Hammer Gaming Headset teaser video and also the entire Criken stream embedded below.

Images: Twitch (Criken).

Source: AdAge.

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