we don’t read much into Philips’ past – all we know is, in recent years, the Netherlands electronic giant has been turning out exceptionally pretty gadgets as witnessed in the firm’s Fidelio range of headphones. the Philips Fidelio M1BT Bluetooth Headphones you see here is one of the latest pretty gadgets to join the brand’s high-quality personal audio gear collection. the M1BT boasts superior wireless audio streaming, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX, AAC, as well as SBC audio compression technology, while 40mm neodymium HD drivers round up the MB1BT Bluetooth headphones audio reproduction cred. aesthetically, this pair of wireless audio cans features an aluminum construction to minimize resonance and vibration with a closed design for supers noise isolation whilst delivering a controlled and dynamic bass.

other features include deluxe foam cushion in breathable material, premium headband wrapped in genuine leather with midnight blue stitching for the added touch of class, wireless controls over your music or answer calls via buttons on the earcup, and built-in dual microphones for that extra clarity when conversing with MB1BT. the package comes with a carrying pouch and a 1.2m long cable is also included, so that you continue to enjoy the superior sound even when the cans ran out juice of Bluetooth transmission. the Philips Fidelio M1BT Bluetooth Headphones is available now in the European market for €279.99 a pair. have a few more look in the image gallery below.

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