read the post title and you may be forgiven for think that we had the wrong image, or mistype the title – but, the fact is, the Greyp G12 Electric Bicycle is no doubt a bicycle that just happens to look like a dirt bike. from the maker of the other fastest electric car Rimac Automobili, the Greyp G12 is fully capable of doing duty as a pedal-powered bike and as a full-fledge electric motorcycle that could reach 65 km/h (40 mph) and a range of up to 120 km (75 miles). it is good to know the range, though it don’t really matter cos’ at the end of the day if the ride ran out of juice, there’s always the pedal to get you through the rest of the journey so you won’t be left stranded.

coming from an electric car maker, it is not surprising to find the bike packed with advanced electric propulsion technology and among them, is the Rimac designed and made battery pack loaded with A123 Systems-made Lithium-Nanophosphate battery cells, offering the bike with 1.3 kWh of juice and has a projected life of at least 3,000 of cycles. other highlights include fingerprint activated ignition with up to 50 users can be saved, a 5″ color display to feed you with all the essential datas, dual-disc hydraulic front brakes, 12 kWh in-hub motor with regenerative braking system, and body comprising of high-grade steel frame and hand-laminated carbon fiber body panels.

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Greyp via Engadget

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