whether you are looking for a fun camera for yourself or for your kids, the Bonzart Lit Digital Camera would certainly be a good fit. why? looking past the specs, it is one heck of an affordable digital camera, costing under 40 bucks. that’s right. 40 greenbacks is all your need to call one your own. marketed by NYC-based electronics lifestyle store AC Gears, the Japanese Bonzart Lit Digital Camera features a (very) modest 3MP sensor, waterproof construction, built-in LCD display, built-in timer with burst option, video recording capability, white balance control and exposure adjustment, plus a handful of special effects to spruce up your captured stills. the specs is nothing alarming really, but for $40, you can’t really complain much, can you?

the Bonzart Lit Digital Camera is definitely camera of choice for your kids who are just picking up photography rather than handing them one that cost a few hundred bucks. having said that, no one is going stop you if you insist on getting a 700 bucks prosumer camera for your kid if you have the money to drop, but lets just say that Bonzart is giving you an option not to. available in five attractive colorways to suit individual preference. but… if you needed something that’s of “higher-end”, there’s the Bonzart Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera, presented in a retro-styling and capable of tilt-shift photography and HD videoing, for your taking at just $180.

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Bonzart Lit Digital Camera - Black

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