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Philips’ New 43-inch 4K LED Monitor: Is It Still A Computer Monitor?

We hardly touched on computer monitor these days because, computer monitors are just computer monitors. There are not a lot to talk about unless it is a little on the insane side, like this Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K LED Monitor (436M6VBPAB). Yes. This thing is monstrous. It makes you wonder, is 43-inch still a computer monitor or a TV for a small living room? Anyways, here it is, the monstrosity from the Dutch electronics maker. Continue reading Philips’ New 43-inch 4K LED Monitor: Is It Still A Computer Monitor?

Razer Nommo Speakers, World’s First Battery-free Wireless Mouse And More

Razer has quite a bit to show at this year’s CES. In addition to the bold ambition of fusing Razer Phone to a laptop in Project Linda, it has also introduced an all-new desktop speaker for desktop computers, the world’s first battery-less wireless gaming mouse with charging mouse pad, and Chroma-enabled home through Philips Lighting. Continue reading Razer Nommo Speakers, World’s First Battery-free Wireless Mouse And More

Philips Unveils Fidelio Headphones and Soundbar for 2015 in Singapore

Philips, or should we say WOOX Innovations, is taking their audio and video products very seriously. It has unveiled the 2015 Philips Fidelio range of audio products, that promised to take sound excellence to the next level, onboard the luxurious Pink Lady Yacht on January 29, 2015 (we are still feeling sore for missing it) in Singapore. In case you aren’t familiar WOOX is a Gibson Brands company and the brand licensee of Royal Philips, and hence the mention of its name here. The products revealed include four Fidelio headphones and a wireless soundbar. Under the headphones range, it touts a pair of Bluetooth cans (M2BT), a pair optimized for Lightning connector (M2L), one that’s equipped with Layered Motion Control diaphragm (X2), and last but not the least, the first Fidelio audio cans with Active Noise Cancellation (NC1). Somehow, it feels like the soundbar is a bit of a filler to this launch, but we will get to that later. Continue reading Philips Unveils Fidelio Headphones and Soundbar for 2015 in Singapore

What We Have Missed: Day 219, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Custom LEGO Town of Springfield The Simpsons’ Town of Springfield Recreated In LEGO With Incredible Details
forget about the official LEGO The Simpsons set, Matt De Lanoy’s recreation of the fictional Town of Springfield from The Simpsons will blow your mind. it includes iconic structures like the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, and even the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – complete with see through walls. LEARN MORE. [via]

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Timex Ironman One GPS+ Is A Smartwatch That doesn’t Need A Smartphone
Timex refers to the Ironman One GPS+ as a smartwatch, well, it is kind of a smartwatch, but it does not need a smartphone to get working. it has a 1.5″ sunlight viewable display, 3-day battery life, 4GB storage, built-in sensors to track your activity, and built-in GPS and 3G connectivity. $399.95. BUY.

Brass Compass and Clip Brass Compass and Clip Lets You Keep The Direction Very Close To You
sometime the simplest tool is the not only the most effective, but also the coolest. case in point: the Brass Compass and Clip. machined from solid brass, it has a handy brass clip for attaching it to anywhere you fancy. checking on direction does not necessary need to be too high-tech, isn’t it? made in U.S.A. $36. BUY.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Is Waterproof to 12,800 Feet
released to commemorate James Cameron’s first solo dive to the Mariana Trench and the US release of a film on the expedition, the D-Blue dial has a unique blue-to-black gradient dial and boast a helium escape valve for decompression and bright blue Chromalight luminescence for legibility in the darkest dark. LEARN MORE.

Acer B286HK UHD LED Monitor Acer Introduces 28-inch Ultra HD LED Display
Acer’s new B286HK has a lot to shout about. it offers 4K2K UHD resolution in a 28-inch format, boasting 6-axis color adjustment. it sits on an ergonomic stand that allows it to be tilted, swiveled, and pivoted. connectivity includes DVI, HDMI with MHL charging, DisplayPort, Mini DP and USB 3.0 hub. $599.99. LEARN MORE.

Philips 28-inch 4K LED Monitor …And Philips Also Have Its Own $600 28-inch 4K Monitor Too
another good news if you are in the market for a UHD monitor. Philips also has a 4K monitor priced (also) at $599.99 to vie for your money. and it also allows both landscape and portrait viewing modes, plus height adjustment. connectivity includes VGA, MHL, DVI, HDMI, and of course, DisplayPort. BUY.

Philips Clear LED Bulb

there are various reasons why some people cannot move away from incandescent light bulbs. incandescent, though an electricity guzzler, offers warm that no modern day, energy-saving LED bulb can replace and has an endearing shape that makes a good classy decor element. however, that is set to change with the Philips Clear LED Bulb, a light bulb that not only replicates the warm of a 40W incandescent light bulb, but also retains the classic light bulb design too – the familiar A60 shape found on 40W incandescent light bulbs. the design of the bulb allows 470 lumens of brightness to shine through in all directions and stays as clear and bright as a 40W bulb even when it is dimmed. Continue reading Philips Clear LED Bulb

Urban Beehive by Philips

we always talk about having more vegetation and farming to balance the concrete jungle, but one thing we may have looked past is pollination, which bees have been doing for us. urbanization drives the bees out and hence, flowers will not strive in cities. with this in mind, Philips came up with the Urban Beehive concept that is designed to entice the bees back into the cities. the Urban Beehive will allow virtually anyone to become a bee farmer, i mean, bee keeper, whether they are living in apartments or houses. this futuristic pod comprises of two parts: an entry passage for the bees on the flower pot and a glass vessel containing an array of honeycomb frames within. the glass is purposefully orange, allowing light to pass through forming orange wavelength within the glass vessel which, apparently, is what bees use for sight. Continue reading Urban Beehive by Philips

Philips Wake-up Light

apparently, hitting the snooze button is bad for you and it is in fact, according to Philips, more than just a sleep disruptor and by snoozing, we, the snooze lovers, are actually encouraging other undesirable habits that detract us from a smooth morning routine. really? i wasn’t aware that a simple snooze would have such a profound effect. to counter this snoozing habit, the Netherlands electronics giant wants you to use this sunrise simulating Philips Wake-up Light (HF3500 and HF3505), which is clinically proven to improve a person’s ability to function in the morning. what the Philips Wake-up Light does is, it simulates a natural sunrise by slowly increasing the brightness half an hour before the alarm kicks in and by doing so, it is actually allowing your body to gently transit from sleep to waking up, thereby creating a more natural and energizing way of getting out of bed. Continue reading Philips Wake-up Light

Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System

it used to be, a party at the beach or anywhere outside of your pad can be achieved by a boombox over your shoulder and a couple of mix tapes. that was when Flash Dance was a hit and before college kids started huddling into giant speakers-rigged house. well, it looks like the tide is going to change again, but this time boombox and mix tapes aren’t in the equation – in their place would be this sleek Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System introduced at the recent IFA. the M1X-DJ is a DJ controller and a sound system rolled into one, offering features like Apple Lightning connector, Bluetooth connectivity, supports for Alogriddim djay 2 app, 80 watts of power output, and most importantly, an integrated DJ controller for mixing and scratching your mixes with two professional-grade platters, complete with cross faders and controls. Continue reading Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System

Philips Fidelio M1BT Bluetooth Headphones

we don’t read much into Philips’ past – all we know is, in recent years, the Netherlands electronic giant has been turning out exceptionally pretty gadgets as witnessed in the firm’s Fidelio range of headphones. the Philips Fidelio M1BT Bluetooth Headphones you see here is one of the latest pretty gadgets to join the brand’s high-quality personal audio gear collection. the M1BT boasts superior wireless audio streaming, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX, AAC, as well as SBC audio compression technology, while 40mm neodymium HD drivers round up the MB1BT Bluetooth headphones audio reproduction cred. aesthetically, this pair of wireless audio cans features an aluminum construction to minimize resonance and vibration with a closed design for supers noise isolation whilst delivering a controlled and dynamic bass. Continue reading Philips Fidelio M1BT Bluetooth Headphones

Philips Friends of hue

remember Philips hue? the smartphone-controllable, web-enabled LED home lighting system? well, it now has a couple of friends joining it and they are the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips – collectively (and very aptly) known as Philips Friends of hue. the Philips Friends of hue takes your light show from beyond the ceiling to the wall and under your corridor arch, bed, sofa and more. the LivingColors Bloom is much like a desk lamp, except instead of glowing light, it casts a wall of light to highlight your furniture and decorative pieces or just simply turns an otherwise plain white wall into a wall of light. as for the LightStrips, it takes on a more discreet approach; it is a 12W LED light in a form of a 2m flexible light strip that can be cut to size to suit your furniture. Continue reading Philips Friends of hue