there are various reasons why some people cannot move away from incandescent light bulbs. incandescent, though an electricity guzzler, offers warm that no modern day, energy-saving LED bulb can replace and has an endearing shape that makes a good classy decor element. however, that is set to change with the Philips Clear LED Bulb, a light bulb that not only replicates the warm of a 40W incandescent light bulb, but also retains the classic light bulb design too – the familiar A60 shape found on 40W incandescent light bulbs. the design of the bulb allows 470 lumens of brightness to shine through in all directions and stays as clear and bright as a 40W bulb even when it is dimmed.

so there you have it; a light bulb that has all the elements which incandescent light bulb lovers hold so dearly with the benefits of modern LED, including being an electricity sipper and on top of that, it offers up to a prodigious lifespan of up 25,000 hours, which means less bulb changing, which also means significant saving in long run. no word on when this sweet, clear thing will land on the U.S. shores or anywhere else outside of Europe, but it will be available to the European market in July 2014 for €8.99 each (or about US$12.30).

Philips Clear LED Bulb

Philips via Gizmodo

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