Our brain may not be able to ‘shred’ information that we have seen, i.e. unseen what you have seen, but in the case of maker/tinkerer/mad inventor Simone Giertz, her brain certainly can literally turn paper into shreds.

Simone has made a paper shredder – a brain paper shredder – that does that. In order words, this paper shredder is shaped like a human brain – specifically her brain. The ‘brain’ you see in the brain paper shredder was modeled after her actual brain, using brain scans captured back when she had a tumor.

Simone Giertz Brain Paper Shredder

It was painstaking process, including translating each brain scan to vector files and sending it to a company to cut each piece out of brass. The result was, well, lets just say it works and therefore, it is freaking awesome. Like, why should anyone settle for a mundane, black rectangular contraption for a paper shredder, right? OK. We probably have to, because we are not Simone Giertz.

Animated GIF and images: YouTube (Simone Giertz).

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