Tesla Cybertruck has a polarizing design that straight up went viral. And why wouldn’t it be? It is practically a geometric shape on wheels. It is so geometric that many can’t help but to poke fun at it, including LEGO.

I guess you could say the Cybertruck has became the talk of the town and also the poke of the town too. The latest to poke fun at the impossibly geometric truck are Andrew McMurry and friends, who are collectively known as Nukazooka.

The Tesla Triangulator by Nukazooka
Cyber Football, anyone?

If you haven’t heard of Nukazooka, you are really missing out on some honest to the core fun videos (my personal favorite ought to be Fast Travel in Real Life).

Anywho, the team’s latest work is called The Tesla Triangulator – The Beginning of the Cybertruck Revolution. Basically, The Tesla Triangulator is a remote control-like device that turns anything into, you guess it, low poly version, including humans.

Continue reading to catch the said video. Warning: we will not be responsible for any sudden outburst of laughter. You have been warned.

Images: YouTube (Nukazooka).

Source: Laughing Squid.

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