Shock Clock Max Wearable Alarm Clock

Who can forget the wearable sleep tracker that can wake you up with a shock on your wrist, right? If you don’t remember Pavlok, here’s a chance for you to get acquainted with it. Folks, meet the new Shock Clock Max. Unlike the previous generation shock-your-wrist-to-wake-you-up device, this one has a backlit screen. This allows you to decouple from your device which could otherwise get in the way of your preparation to sleep. Everything you need to control the watch is on the watch.

Shock Clock Max Wearable Alarm Clock

Shock Clock Max is guaranteed to wake you up but it will not do so abruptly. It is more advanced than a secret operative shocking the truth out of an opposing agent. The device is equipped with an advanced heart rate monitor that tracks your sleep cycle and uses it to time when to wake you up. It will start by rousing you from the slumberland using gentle vibrations and soothing chimes, and if that fails, it will bring out the big gun: an electric zap that is said to be impossible to sleep through.

The zap is completely silent and will not disturb your partner sleeping next to you. Well, if you haven’t already scream out “What the f#@k” out loud when get the jolt and wake your partner up. Just kidding. I am sure the zap will not be so intense. Ermmm, right? That’s not it. This wearable tech does not only wake you up; it will ensure you stay up by stimulating your morning brain with games and puzzles or making you do jumping jacks in order to shut the alarm. On the opposite spectrum, when it is time to sleep, the device lets you know too.

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The device is sweat and water-resistant, offers up to 7 days of battery life, and boasts a built-in flashlight so that you will not fumble in the dark. If you are a heavy sleeper in need of a personal concierge to give you a jolt in the morning and make sure you stay awake and do not “accidentally” fall over on the sofa when heading to the kitchen, then this gadget could be what you need.

You can learn more about the Shock Clock Max on a pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo where you can secure a unit for 40% less at US$119.

Images: Pavlok.