The imaging prowess of iPhone 12 is without question. The only thing that stands in its way of becoming a powerful compact camera are physical controls and perhaps, some kind of grip. The Fjorden is one such accessory that will do just that.

Fjorden Camera Controls for iPhone

Camera grip/controls for smartphones aren’t new, though. Over the years, it has appeared sporadically, with the earliest we have seen dated as far back as 2013. But Fjorden is possibly the most comprehensive with respect to the controls yet.

Fjorden attaches to the back of your iPhone with a Universal Back Plate Adapter or Fjorden MagSafe Case. With it attached to the back of your iPhone, it adds a two-stage shutter button (which let you focus by pressing halfway), a customizable control dial, a multi-function button and a zoom lever, turning it into a real camera.

Fjorden Camera Controls for iPhone

You can use the hardware with iOS Fjorden Camera App or other camera apps to get the most out of the iPhonegraphy. When used with the Fjorden app, you choose to shoot in Full Auto or take things into your own hands in manual mode.

Those are not it. Fjorden has a couple more features not seen before in similar products; twist it around, it will serve as a handy kickstand, good for both portrait and landscape orientation, and it can be turnaround for easy selfie shots or vlogging on-the-go. Brilliant.

Fjorden Camera Controls for iPhone

Plus, it looks absolutely sleek. What can I say? I am just a mega sucker for beautiful things.

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Fjorden Camera Controls for iPhone is currently on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit by pledging €119 or more (about US$142). The campaign is, not surprisingly, funded.

Last checked, over 1,700 backers have contributed over US$250K in funding. That is, the product is a go and if all goes as planned, backers should be seeing Fjorden starting in February 2022.

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