Bringing a video game console around is unimaginable unless you do what Eds Junk love to do: turning consoles into laptops. Or you could use the screen-integrated GameBoks to carry it around. But now, with xScreen, anyone can turn their Xbox Series S into a laptop-like device – complete with a 60 Hz 11.6-inch 1080p display.

UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S

xScreen is a plug-and-plug screen with absolutely no modifications necessary. It does not even require a HDMI cable and neither does it require an extra power cable to power the screen.

xScreen is basically a monitor with a dock that attaches directly to the HDMI and USB ports of the Xbox Series S (not included). The latter powers the display while HDMI pipes the audio and graphics. All you need is the stock power that comes with your console to power it.

UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S

We love how UPspec Gaming borrowed the aesthetics of the Xbox Series S to make the integration appear seamless.

Just like a laptop, the screen can be folded down for easy transportation. In fact, it is kind of a “laptop” with xScreen attached. Well, a super thick laptop that is.

UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S

xScreen does offer access to pass-through power and storage expansion slot and boasts integrated stereo speakers and controls for volume, brightness and other screen settings.

If you are sold by the idea (seriously, like who wouldn’t???), you may want to consider pledging for a product on Kickstarter. The campaign is already funded and a pledge of 289 Australian dollars (about US$213) should secure a unit, with delivery sometime in January 2022.

UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S
UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S

Images: UPspec Gaming.

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