Ask any console gamers and they will tell you if they could, they would love bring their console wherever they go. That being said, it is not impossible. But because, not everyone has the means to turn a console into a laptop, Gaems exists and now, we hear there’s another player that is making video game console portable and it is called GameBoks.

GameBoks Console Gaming Case

Hail from Denmark, the concept of GameBoks is not very different from Gaems, but it stood out as one hell of stylish portable gaming station. GameBoks enables console gamers to take their console with them in a case handmade from treated 9 mm Baltic birch wood with vegan leather detailing. Being of wood, it offers a warm plastic and metal can’t offer and that, IMHO, is a refreshing change.

If individuality is your game, the use of natural wood brings about individuality naturally – thanks to unique nature of the growth rings found in the wood. The box opens up to a gaming station, with your console securely tuck inside, and it is outfitted with a 24.5-inch ASUS VG255H FHD gaming monitor, a 2.0 speaker system, an AC input, 4x USB ports, silent fans before rounding up with a control panel.

GameBoks Console Gaming Case

With products like this, it is hard to imagine why would anyone want to hook up their console to their home entertainment system at all. The best part is, the next time your mum nag at you to stop gaming, and go out and play, you can happily comply.

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GameBoks is compatible with all newer consoles, including PS4, PS4 Slim, PS3 Pro, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. If you are down, you can pick up GameBoks console case as a pre-order for €750 (or roughly US$854). Delivery will be in 6 weeks time.

GameBoks Console Gaming Case

All images courtesy of GameBoks.

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