Xstation Is When Slim Xbox One Marries Playstation 4 Slim

If you are not a fanboy of any particular game console, you’d be torn like Sheldon did in Big Bang Theory when it comes to purchasing one. The simplest solution? Buy both, but just make sure you have an extra HDMI input in your home entertainment center and also spaces for both hardware. Or you […]

Eds Junk Turned The New Xbox One S Into A Laptop And It Looks Awesome

Xbox One S may be significantly slimmer than the Xbox One, but being a game console, it is not portable and never mean to be. However, if for some reasons, portability is what you desire out of a game console, you have to look to specialist customizer like Eds Zarick AKA Ed Junks. Eds, if […]

Xbox One Or Playstation 4? Well, This Custom Game Console Laptop Has Both. Problem Solved.

In the world of game consoles, there is little doubt that Xbox One and Playstation 4 are the champions. We hardly know anyone who are a fan of both, but in case you are, then you will probably have both consoles and in such instance, you will have to admit that’s kind of space consuming. […]

This is a Portable Game Console That is Both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One

Between an Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which one will you choose? Probably the latter for obvious reasons, but what if you have some love left with the 360? Then you could have both boxes, which will solve your dilemma, but with Ed Zarick’s creation, dubbed Xbox Duo, you could have both rigs without cluttering […]

Get Your Fix for PS4 Gaming On the Road with this Custom Portable PS4

we have no idea why there is a need for anyone to carry their Playstation 4 around. i guess different gamers do have different needs and we obviously can’t speak for everyone. who knows? some may want bring it on their oversea trips, to their cabin by the lake, to their friends’ or relatives’ house, […]