we have no idea why there is a need for anyone to carry their Playstation 4 around. i guess different gamers do have different needs and we obviously can’t speak for everyone. who knows? some may want bring it on their oversea trips, to their cabin by the lake, to their friends’ or relatives’ house, or simply just to play a game of Destiny while on the Greyhound (provided they have AC outlets). anyways, if any one of the aforementioned reasons apply to you, then here’s a Playstation 4 converted into a portable (aka laptop) just for you. aptly called PlayBook 4, this portable PS4 is the masterpiece of Ed Zarick, who is the same person responsible for the portable Xbox One (dubbed XBook) which, for reasons unknown, we failed to feature.

Playbook 4 - The Playstation 4 Laptop

the console’s innards are transplanted into a custom 3D-printed acrylic housing and comes complete with a 22-inch 1080p LED display, built-in speakers, optical drive, built-in WiFi, along with the original connectivity including optical out and Ethernet out. no HDMI out though – that can be included as an optional extra if you want to hook up to your HDTV. there’s a caveat though: it needs to be powered by a wall outlet, so you might want to take note. also, this rig is by no means the portable, portable. it is still pretty huge, but in contrast to the original form, it is way more portable and allows you to get your gaming fix when outside the comfort of your pad, as long as you can locate a wall outlet. you can acquire the PlayBook 4 for $1,395, in choice of black with blue accents, and white with black accents. drop an additional 50 bucks and you get the HDMI out. you can also provide your own PS4 and get it converted into a PlayBook 4 for $1,095.

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Playbook 4 - The Playstation 4 Laptop

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