Diorama Winner Canadian G.P. 2019

At the recent F1 Canadian GP, Sebastian Vettel crossed the line first, but ended up in the second place after being served with a 5-second penalty. Lewis Hamilton, who was trailing just 2 seconds behind, took the trophy instead. Out of spite or as a joke (likely the latter), Vettel swapped the finishing-order signs after the race, putting the number ‘1’ sign front of his car which wasn’t park there anyways because, he had no desire to be there after what had happened.

Diorama Winner Canadian G.P. 2019

It is understandable why didn’t want to be part of anything at that point. Who would want to be part of something that you won and lost because of some stupid penalty? No one. Anyone in such scenario would be absolutely sore. What happened was pretty controversial and so it makes sense that someone, like some diecast maker, would want to immortalize this event.

And immortalized it did with a ‘diecast’ sold by BBR Models that’s, well, without the actual diecast because, that was what happened, wasn’t it? Just in case you miss the part about this ‘diecast’ being a real product… yes, it is a real product money can buy and that’s what makes it so ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

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Officially referred to as Diorama Winner Canadian G.P. 2019, this painful reminder for Vettel features a historically accurate empty clear display with the big number ‘1’ sign at the front and a shadow of Hamilton’s Formula 1 race car peeking out from the side. You can pick up this “commemorative diecast” from BBR Models for €17.08 (or about US$19.45).

Vettel swapped the finishing-order signs
The swap. Credit: YouTube (Guardian Sport).

Images: BBR Models.

Source: Jalopnik.