A concept originally developed by Facebook’s prominent face, Mark Zuckerberg, is seeing commercial fruition. The gadget, aptly called Zucklight, is a sleep box that addresses lost of sleep arising from the anxiety of checking time to see if its time wake up. You know, those times when you were roused from your sleep only to find out that it is not time to wake up, but yet, you are worry that you will oversleep and you started checking the time? Yup. Exactly that.

Zucklight Sleep Box

Most people will be able to associate with this issue, especially parents with new born and toddlers. Zucklight is a very zen-ish cube that will emit a faint light from below to let you if it’s time to get or not. Let say if you happen to wake up from your sleep. You steal a look at Zucklight and if it isn’t glowing, then you can get back sleep without being stressed out by the time. No concept of time means no stress and no stress means easier to get back into la la land. Simple but brilliant concept.

That’s not all. On top of that, it is also a wireless charging pad for your wireless charging-enabled smartphone. And then lets not forget that it is also a home environment monitor that is capable of monitoring carbon dioxide level, the temperature as well as the humidity.

Zucklight Sleep Box

There are two models of Zucklight: Zucklight Lite (feels strange saying that, just saying) and Zucklight Pro. The form offers the lighting and ability to schedule lighting (via an app), while the latter has all the Lite features, plus wireless charging and home environment monitor functions.

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Zucklight is currently funded on Kickstarter where you can get the Lite model for just 29 bucks and the Pro model for 47 bucks. The campaign is already funded (923 percent funded at the time of this writing) and so, yes, a pledge for a Zucklight is a pre-order. Delivery is expected to commence sometime in November 2019. Keep going for the product pitch video.

All images courtesy of Zucklight.

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