Tentsile, best known for “tree tents,” is going to have a new tent which we can only describe as “all terrain.” We all know Tentsile is not just regular tents, but it can also be suspended among trees to elevate your camping experience (like quite literally) and soon, you’d be on water too with Tentsile Universal Floating Shelter/Tent. You can use it as a regular tent on the ground or suspend it among trees like it can before, but with an inflatable base, it will float too, thus making this tent one of the most versatile camping gear, if not the most versatile.

Tentsile Universal Floating Shelter-Tent

Imagine angling on the water, chilling out to the calmness of the lake and at the end of the day, when all’s done, you get the options of taking a wink on solid ground, or off the ground. Your choice and we love choices. I mean, what’s not to love when you need not to pack extra to get that kind of flexibility? As a float, it gets the benefit of a Tentsile tent with shades and all, which makes it a super cool (literally and not) chill out place.

Tentsile Universal Floating Shelter-Tent

Not a lot is known about this product (as in the material and stuff), but we heard that it is coming alright sometime in 2019. If you want one, you’d start saving now because this thing is going to cost quite a bit, or $1,999 to be exact, when it becomes available. But hey, it is apparently for five person, so it is not like you paying for a tiny temporary accommodation. Get yourself all warmed up for this awesome tent with the video embedded below.

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Images: Tentsile.

Source: Cool Material.

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