If you missed out on the opportunity to pick up the wonderful Montegrappa F1 SPEED Limited Edition writing instrument last year, here’s another chance for you to do so. However, this time the Montegrappa F1 SPEED is presented in an exclusive black/gold configuration that boasts layers of thick black lacquer and resilient yellow-gold plating. Montegrappa is calling this super sleek variation ‘Podium Black’.

Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen

You may not be a Formula 1 race car superstar, yet, but you can get yourself prepped for the day when you are famous and need to do a lot of signing of autographs with this striking and yet kind of stealthy Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen.

Like the Limited Edition we saw last July, the Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen won’t let you write at breakneck speed but it will be a worthy addition to any F1 fans’ collection.

Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen

It retains the same aesthetics and ergonomics as the Limited Edition, including a fluid, flared barrel with a carbon fiber grip section with a custom-machined ‘Monza’ step, computer-milled hardware finished in black ruthenium, a pen cap topped with an F1 racing slick and wheel design, and a bespoke singed exhaust at the top of the body where the edition number is recorded inside.

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Speaking of edition number, the Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black has 372 editions to mark the top speed recorded during an FIA Formula One World Championship race: 372.6 km/h by Juan Pablo Montoya of McLaren-Mercedes at the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO VODAFONE D’ITALIA 2005.

Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen

The Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black is available as a fountain pen with a choice of nib grades and rollerball, for 1,700 EUR (approximately US$1,736) and 2,350 EUR (about US$2,399), respectively.

Montegrappa F1 SPEED Podium Black Pen

All images courtesy of Montegrappa.

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