Formula 1 is not just about the exhilaration of speed, and fame and fortune. It also involves a lot of blood, sweat (like a lot of it) and tears, and also a lot of signing of autographs. Speaking of signing, what speaks more that you are a true F1 car racer than signing with a writing instrument like the Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen.

Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen

The Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen won’t speed up your writing (or signing), but it will be sight to behold and for non race car drivers, a prove that you true fan of this exhilarating sports that somehow stood out from the rest of the motorsports.

This all-new design writing instrument boasts a new formula of aesthetics and ergonomics, combining a fluid, flared barrel with carbon fiber grip section for “exhilarating grip, control and balance,” while computer-milled hardware finished in black ruthenium adds trackside flavor and high-gloss, racing red lacquer is a nod to the sport’s most iconic teams. No prize for guessing which teams.

Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen

Available as fountain and rollerball, with the fountain pen powered by cartridge-converter and fitted with a pro-grade 18K gold nib with ebonite feed.

Limited editions of 372 fountain pens and rollerballs, the Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen pays homage to the top speed ever recorded in a FIA Formula One World Championship race – 372.6 km/h by Juan Pablo Montoya at Monza in 2005.

Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen

To be clear, you do not need to be F1 race car driver to own this exquisite writing instrument. The only requisite is, well, money and quite some of it because, the fountain variant commands a cool €2,150 (about US$2,530) while the rollerball goes for €1,500 (around US$1,766).

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Montegrappa F1 Speed Limited Edition Pen can be ordered as we speak, with shipping expected to happen starting July 26, 2021.

Images: Montegrappa.

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