Japanese papercraft artist behind Kami-Robo, Tomohiro Yasui, also make original action figures. His latest non-papercraft creation, Rubber Ducky action figure, have left us mildly disturbed and amazed at the same time.

Yasui-san bought 7 rubber ducky (duckies?) for 100 yen (0.93 cents) each and proceed to put them under the knife, splicing them together to create an articulated figure. That’s right, folks. It is totally posable, but that’s not the main point.

The main point here is, a rubber duck head paired to an anatomically-correct human body is just about as creepy as you might have imagined.

Like I have said, it did left us feeling mildly disturbed and yet, I am totally fascinated by the transformation. The Rubber Ducky action figure is not the talented, multi-disciplinary artist’s first, though.

He has previously created an action figure out of a toy hammer and transformed a traditional demon mask into a very impressive action figure. TBH, those two are the ones that I am absolutely impressed without being, you know, mildly disturbed.

You can check out Tomohiro Yasui other brilliant works HERE.

Images: Twitter (@kami_robo_yasui).

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