If you have plants and do quite a bit of gardening, chances are you have both a spray bottle and a watering can. But really, why have both one you can have one product that does both fine spraying and watering? Well, folks, such is what the Time Concept Watering Can Spray Bottle Hybrid is about.

Basically, it is a 2-in-1 watering tool that is perfect for watering large plants as well as sprinkling smaller greens. How well it actually works is not clear. Considering that if you have it topped, it may be a little heavy to handle as a spraying bottle.

But hey, when you can save yourself from owning one more gardening gear, or simply have one less thing to carry when you head out to your backyard or greenhouse, why the hell not, right?

Time Concept Watering Can Spray Bottle Hybrid

Plus, it looks kind of cool, especially with the embossed text that makes it look like some vintage watering can. Though I have to admit. The look requires some getting use to. After all, we are used to them as separate products.

If you are down for such novel watering solution, you can find Time Concept Watering Can Spray Bottle Hybrid being sold on Amazon for US$15.75.

Time Concept Watering Can Spray Bottle Hybrid

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