Remember the disinfectant that uses just regular water and salt? That’s science right there, but with quite a price. If money is a constraint, Pur Chor-itizer Eco-friendly Disinfectant Spray could be an affordable alternative.

The principle of the Pur Chor-itizer Eco-friendly Disinfectant Spray is the same as Egret. It takes water from the faucet and regular table salt, and turn them into a hypochlorite disinfectant solution through an electrolysis process.

Pur-Well Living said its device produces an “extremely powerful solution” that yields 317 parts per million (ppm), which is more than enough for sanitizing purposes.

And it is super simple to use. All you have to do is to introduce 350 ml (11.8 fl. oz.) of water and a tablet spoon of salt, and 10 minutes later, the magical solution is ready to be used.

To be honest, we don’t expect this kind of fairly new-to-consumer device to be really affordable. Truth be told, the Pur Chor-itizer isn’t too. But thankfully, as part of the early lunch, Pur-Well Living has slashed its price from US$99.99 to US$49.99. We do not know how long this special launch price will stand, though.

Images: Pur-Well Living.

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