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Tentsile Upcoming Tent Will Have Land, Air And Sea Covered

Tentsile, best known for “tree tents,” is going to have a new tent which we can only describe as “all terrain.” We all know Tentsile is not just regular tents, but it can also be suspended among trees to elevate your camping experience (like quite literally) and soon, you’d be on water too with Tentsile Universal Floating Shelter/Tent. You can use it as a regular tent on the ground or suspend it among trees like it can before, but with an inflatable base, it will float too, thus making this tent one of the most versatile camping gear, if not the most versatile. Continue reading Tentsile Upcoming Tent Will Have Land, Air And Sea Covered

Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent

Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent
(photos: Tentsile) Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent | US$tba | www.tentsile.com

camping out in the wilderness is basically an open invitation for its native inhabitants such as creepy crawlies, snakes and some occasional bears to join you. well, you can avoid these unpleasant gatecrashers if you have the Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent. think of it as a cross between a hammock and a camping tent but with the real estate that can accommodate between two to eight people, depending on the model – or you could think of it as living like the Na’vi people but with a whole lot of room to move about and less creepy. whichever it is, the Tentsile eliminates the ground condition limitations when you out in the wild, as along as you have good sturdy trees to depend on. there are a total of three models to choose from: 2-man, 3-4 man and 5-8 man models. Continue reading Tentsile Suspended Camping Tent