ONEDOF One Degree of Freedom Turntable cost $150k

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(image: ONEDOF) ONEDOF One Degree of Freedom Turntable | US$150,000.00 |

normally, a turnable would not be on the big ticket item list. this age-old technology was never expensive but there are always exceptions, like this particular item from ONEDOF, dubbed the One Degree of Freedom Turntable. it cost a whopping $150,000 to own and that’s not including the mandatory Tri-Planar tonearm and Benz LP cartridge that will set you back at another $9,750. of course, just by looking at the image, you should already know that this ain’t your regular turnable or the turnable that your grandpa know off. it was designed by one Aleks Bakman, a NASA award winning aerospace engineer. so i suppose it’s kind of like a rocket science turnable?
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the platter alone weighs a hefty 50-lb (23-kg) and is filled with some sort of damping fluid, while it sits on a liquid suspension that is suppose to eliminate resonances, and the rocket science doesn’t end there. there is the “synchronous motor” with coreless skewed winding that is said to remove cogging and provides torque ripple free operation. wait, there are more. it has a “tonearm tower with continuous, smooth yet solid on-the-fly Vertical Tracking Angle adjustment of over three inches” and it can accommodate three tonearms. oh, did i mention that weighty platter is totally capable of self-centering itself? of course, the whole technology here is more than what i can narrate here but i was more taken aback by its astounding, if not insane, price tag. you had to be one staunch vinyl lover to be buying this turntable.


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