Edge of Belgravia’s Latest Kitchen Knives – No Two Blades Are The Same

Remember Edge of Belgravia, the purveyor of intricate and expertly crafted kitchen knives? Well, if you believe that chef knives are more than mere pieces of sharpened steel, then you will be glad to know that the UK kitchen knife maker has a new set of knives to please the connoisseur in you. Called Kuroi […]

Here’s a Knife Block That is Worthy of Any Contemporary Kitchen Setup

We don’t need to tell you why kitchen knives need to be stored in a block, that’s a no brainer but do you know that nasty bacteria might be lurking in those slots. So, yes. Not only does wooden knife block looks a tad too conventional (more like bland, really), it also has some untold […]

Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set

if the idea of stepping into the kitchen in a well-pressed double breasted cotton tunic appeals to you, then we supposed the look of the knives you wield in the gallery is as important as its performance. the Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set not only satisfy both demands, but also has a design backed