The market is not lacking of home security cameras, but if you are tired of being tethered to a power outlet or Ethernet point, well, then you options are a little less abundant and even more so if you are looking for security camera that has all the dream features like motion sensing, long battery life, Full HD recording, weatherproof et cetera. Fortunately, there’s at least one home security camera that has all of the above and more, and it is called, Reolink Argus.

Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera

First and foremost, Argus is wire-free. It is a battery-powered WiFi IP camera and therefore, it can be placed anywhere as long as there’s WiFi coverage and thanks to the advanced power-saving technology, this little guy can go on for months on end before the supplied lithium-ion CR123A batteries need to be recharged. And when it does need to be juiced, the highly articulated magnetic base allows it to be easily removed for charging. Additional, the rechargeable batteries are swappable. Meaning, you can quickly swap expended batteries for fresh ones so you have minimal downtime.

Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera

Though it is worthy to note that since it is an IP camera, it will also suffer the same fate as other wired security cameras when the router is down and out, but as a consolation, it does support SD card, so if in the event of an outage, it will still continue to record since runs exclusively on batteries. However, being an IP camera, we would think that a strong WiFi is mandatory and hence, you probably need booster and repeaters to reach out to far corner of your humble abode. Imaging-wise, it records in Full HD, which you can also watch in real-time on your mobile device, while 130-degree wide viewing angle ensures maximum coverage.

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Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera

Other key features include smart PIR motion sensor, supports for alarms and alerts on your mobile device, outdoor-friendly weatherproof construction, built-in speaker and mic for two-way communication, and night vision capability that kicks in automatically when the sun sets. As far as features are concerned, Reolink Argus is indeed sounds like a dream home security camera, but loaded features are not the only things that drew us to it; the price had our attention too.

Each camera costs only $80 and you can order up to five cameras which, obviously, will result in cheaper per camera. You can find Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera on Indiegogo where it is running a flexible goal campaign which means your pledge is a pre-order and it will be fulfilled as soon as this month (May).

Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera

Reolink Argus Wire-free Home Security Camera

Images courtesy of Reolink.

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  1. Biggest problem with security cameras seems to me that they’re so often placed high so that you see people from above, which makes them hard to identify.

    1. The thing is, if place too low, there is a chance that it will get ripped out. Unless manufacturers start to integrate into the walls of the building in future the high-mounting seems like the only option now.

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