Saturn Giant Lava Lamp by Mathmos Ltd

While the lava lamp has seen many designs since its invention in the 60s, it remains largely the same. It is always tabletop size. But that’s until recently when the original inventors, Mathmos (formerly Crestworth) of the lava lamp introduced Saturn Giant Lava Lamp.

Saturn Giant Lava Lamp by Mathmos Ltd

As the name implies, Saturn Giant Lava Lamp is huge. It is the biggest lava lamp yet from Mathmos. Not sure why it took Mathmos so long to decide to come up with a floor-standing model, but it is finally here.

The new Saturn Giant Lava Lamp works exactly like the regular lava lamp. The only difference is the design and of course, the size.

Towering at 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall and weighing in at a hefty 24.7 kilograms (54.5 lbs), the Saturn Giant Lava Lamp is made entirely in the U.K. by hand to exacting quality standards and features an ultra-clear borosilicate glass and hand-polished spun and laser-cut aluminum.

Each Saturn Giant Lava Lamp is filled to order. Meaning, it has no ready stock. The vessel will be filled only after you have picked from the 10 color combinations it has to offer. This also means it will take time to be ready to be delivered to you.

Saturn Giant Lava Lamp by Mathmos Ltd

It will arrive at your door, in the U.K., within 2 weeks (or 4 weeks in the EU) of your order. Each unit will be supplied with a unique dated instruction book. Not going to lie, it is quite a sight to behold even in photos.

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But it will be perfect if the wire can be hidden somehow (like run along one of the legs, for example) instead of hanging out there. Also if the vessel could have a rocket-shaped design as opposed to a cylindrical shape. The latter somehow reminds us of hazardous waste containment. Just saying…

Anyways, Saturn Giant Lava Lamp by Mathmos Ltd is available to anyone who is willing to part with £2,500 (around US$3,350) of your hard-earned money. Last checked it is not available stateside yet (not sure if it ever will be available at all, TBH).

Fun fact: The rights to lava lamp in the U.S. has changed hands several times since the 60s after two businessmen brought the American rights and started making it in the U.S. The “Lava Lamp” brand is currently owned by Schylling Inc., a toy and game maker who also owns the right to produce toys for properties like Care Bears and My Little Pony.

Images: Mathmos Ltd.

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