There’s no association between Lava lamp and space exploration, but somehow, it feels so apt to have a retro rocket lava lamp. More so when NASA, the name synonymous with very expensive space exploration (and now, Mars exploration), is associated with it.

NASA Rocket Lava Lamp from Firebox

I can’t explain how or why, but a Lava lamp in the shape of a retro-style rocket seems so spot on. Do they have molten wax floating in space? It certain does not. Still it is cool as hell. Not that hell is cool.

Anywho, the NASA Rocket Lava Lamp is not just beautiful; it is a fitting tribute to the organization that is dedicated to learn more about the space outside of our little blue marble.

Fitting as the Lava lamp was invented in the 60s around the time when NASA started and the retro rocket only adds to the nostalgia.

While the red bubbling lava against the beautiful blue water, and the space-age lighting, have no relation to NASA or space exploration, it does extrudes a sense of mystery and grace like the universe out there.

Like the actual rockets, the NASA Rocket Lava Lamp is huge by Lava lamp standards. Though far from the size of a life-size rocket, it measures a respectable 50 centimeter (19.7 inches or 1.6 feet) tall.

If you are down, you may want to pick up the NASA Rocket Lava Lamp from for US$49 per unit.

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Images: Firebox.

Source: Technabob.

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