Can owning a lion as a pet or whatever light up your life? Yes, but only as flashes of your life passes before your eyes as this the beast turned on you. The truth is, it is a predator. It will see you as a meal, or a piece of meaty steak that walks and talks, but with the Lion X Floor Light by Taiwanese design studio, Haoshi Design, it can certainly light up your bleak room, well, at least by a teeny weeny bit. This white lion sculpture, if you did not already noticed, is life-size and so, it is as imposing as the actual king of the jungle but poses no threat to anyone.

Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design

Though, from what we see, the light emanating out of its oversized “collar” does not seem to be as imposing. Just saying… The description on Generate said it is “a striking piece in any room” which I am not going to disagree, but the light’s lumen is questionable. I am going to go out on a limb to say this is more as an ambient light than anything else, but it is definitely going to be a conversational piece. Kudos to the team over at Haoshi Design for the details. Man, look at the details. If not for the lack of colors, it would be mistaken for a real panthera leo.

Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design

Lion X Floor Light is made from fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), finished with aluminum baking varnish and internally, it has fixed iron support to ensure its sturdiness. Like I have said, this thing is imposing and life-size, and hence expect shipping for this illuminating beast of size 70 inches long, 26.5 inches deep and 50 inches tall (177.8 x 67.3 x 152.4 centimeters) to be rather hefty. More critically, it does not come cheap (but that’s expected, isn’t it?).

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Expect to shell out a princely sum of $6,999 for a unit. Ouch. OK, I am off to IKEA for more affordable ambient lights. Clearly this thing is out of my league, plus I don’t live in a palace – a place which this majestic creature immortalized as lamp is more at home in.

Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design

Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design

Lion X Floor Light by Haoshi Design

Images: Generate/Haoshi Design.

Haoshi Design via LuxuryLaunches.

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