There are desktop speakers and then there are speakers designed specifically for the desktop. The Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors are the latter; not because they can be placed on the table if you know what I mean.

Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

The Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors feature a signature, holographic sound quality that is said to create a natural soundstage and excellent imaging capabilities. And they do so while remaining sleek, compact, and affordable.

“Drop BMR1s are designed around balanced mode radiators (BMR) coupled with force-canceling passive radiators, allowing them to play audio loudly, without distortion and with a wide dispersion so the speakers sound great no matter how they are arranged.”

Drop said these monitors offer “an organic and natural tonality.” This means the speakers are able to reproduce audio that is true to the source without sounding harsh or bright. For bass heads, you’d be glad to know that the speakers support connection with a subwoofer.

Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

Other spec sheet details include a built-in Class D amplifier, 15 W RMS, 30 W peak power, adjustable orientation (horizontal or vertical), single BMR drivers, dual force canceling passive radiators, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, a 3.5 mm headphones jack, and a 3.5 mm sub jack.

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The product images show the speakers without the grill. But customizable magnetic grills will be available to buy at launch, thus allowing individuals to personalize their speakers.

The news of the Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors was dropped last week on January 04, when it was available to order for US$129. However, last checked, it appears that pre-orders have closed. Not all hopes are lost, though. You can put in your request for the product and keep your fingers crossed.

Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors
Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitors

Images: Drop.

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