Honda may have retired its robot ASIMO last year but someone has brought it back to “life” and all it needs now is your support and if lucks have it, the nod of approval from LEGO. That’s right. Someone has recreated the ASIMO, the Advanced Humanoid Robot developed by Honda, with LEGO elements.

LEGO Ideas ASIMO Advanced Humanoid Robot

That someone is LEGO Ideas member Afterworkbricks. ASIMO, for the uninitiated, was named in honor of sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov and also stands for Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility.

For this proposed LEGO Ideas set, Afterworkbricks incorporated both LEGO and LEGO Technics element to achieve the humanoid form with the posability to allow it to recreate movements of the real ASIMO.

All told, this 599-piece proposed LEGO set has articulations in many areas including the neck, arms, wrists, shoulders, waist, hips, legs, knees, ankles, fingers, and more.

LEGO Ideas ASIMO Advanced Humanoid Robot

I think it is a LEGO Ideas submission that worth your support, especially if you are a huge fan of robots. I know. It is not a real, functioning robot but considering how the original has been retired, this will make for an excellent memento. A piece of human history if you may.

You can learn more about this LEGO ASIMO HERE where you can also drop your precious one support to push it past its next milestone.

LEGO Ideas ASIMO Advanced Humanoid Robot

Images: LEGO Ideas (Afterworkbricks).

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