I am mystified by the universe and the stars above us. Unfortunately, light pollution limits what we and our telescope can observe even in a clear, cloudless night sky. And that, my friends, is a problem telescope Unistellar has solved with its newest smart telescope, the Unistellar eQuinox 2.

Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope

With the Unistellar eQuinox 2, you’d be able to witness Jupiter’s great red spot, the beautiful pink and purple hues of the Orion Nebula, and much much more, even if you are located in light-polluted cities.

This high-tech stars observer features the brand’s Smart Light Pollution Reduction technology which digitally removes the negative effects of light pollution, therefore allowing you to view distant reaches of the galaxy and beyond, in detail and striking colors without driving hundreds of miles to a remote, light pollution-free area. Believe it or not. I did that once. Not going to lie. It was a huge hassle. Not to mention I nearly got lost coming back. Not a good experience.

Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope

“eQuinox 2 users will enjoy unprecedented observations previously inaccessible to amateur astronomers. Its Enhanced Vision technology reveals live, sharp, detailed high-resolution images in vibrant color of even faint targets. Our state-of-the-art live image processing advancements provide a unique experience for users, stacking and live processing the images observed by the telescope to increase the contrast and colors of the images captured, revealing comet Neowise’s tail and the rings of Saturn.”

Well about the “previously inaccessible to amateur astronomers”… the eQuinox 2 does not actually open up astronomy to amateurs because I highly doubt that the asking price of US$2,499 is wallet-friendly to most amateur stargazers. Just saying…

Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope

But for this stellar price point, it removes the science in operating sophisticated optical equipment – thanks to the Autonomous Field Detection that orients itself automatically, even when only a few stars are visible, so you’d know to look when you are “blinded” by the bright city lights.

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The fact that it is 100% controlled by a mobile or a tablet application, further boosts its ease of use. This being a connected device, you’d be able to browse a catalog of over 5,000 celestial objects and also get suggestions of interest from the device.

Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope

Sounds like a perfect device for a person like me who does not even know how to work a binoculars’ focus to see things here on earth. The price, however, isn’t perfect for a struggling blogger like me and I suspect, it is not for many too.

If you are down, you can learn more about this high-tech telescope over at its product page where you can also pre-order the device. The Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope was officially announced last week at CES 2023.

Images: Unistellar.

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