LEGO Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by BoltBuilds

A while ago LEGO Ideas asked fans to submit their Dungeons & Dragons build for the Dungeons & Dragons x LEGO Ideas 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons Challenge. Fans were invited to vote after the expert review and after much deliberation, we finally have a winner.

LEGO Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by BoltBuilds

Gotten the nods of approval by the panel and fans is Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by LEGO Ideas member BoltBuilds. BoltBuilds’ creation will now join the other products under development. Now, that could not have been more exciting news for D&D fans. More so because BoltBuilds’ proposed LEGO Ideas set is an absolute beauty.

The proposed D&D-themed LEGO set has “just under 3,000 pieces” and features The Witches Tower, The Tavern, The Crypt, and of course, The Dungeons. In addition to the architecture, there are the requisite minifigures of the key characters (or should I say, adventurers and magic people?), and a poseable Green Dragon.

It is unclear when the set will be pushed out. It would likely be the end of the year or even next year since 2024 would be 50 years of D&D. Anywho, these are indeed exciting times for D&D fans. And oh, this set is likely to be 18+. I could be wrong. Also, like any approved LEGO Ideas set, this set will be adapted by LEGO designers and so it may not look like what BoltBuilds have proposed.

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Images: LEGO Ideas.