You Should Start Playing DnD 5E Now - Here’s Why

Welcome to a new golden age of the world’s foremost fantasy role-playing game. Whether you are a hard-core player or a noob, the name ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is known to us all. Since 1974 friends have been gathering together to indulge in hours of world-building fantasy, delving deep into characters and embarking on mystical quests.

There is now a bigger community than ever before, with more resources and experienced players at your fingertips. With over 40 million players worldwide, there has never been a better time to start playing. Here’s why you should start playing Dungeons and Dragons’ most recent iteration the 5th edition (DnD 5E).

You Should Start Playing DnD 5E Now - Here’s Why
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How It began

Almost 50 years ago, Dungeons and Dragons started off with a couple of individuals with big imaginations and a passion for fantasy and storytelling, based in the mystical realm of Wisconsin. Its development started with a medieval combat simulator called ‘Chainmail’ written by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren.

It fell into the hands of a man named Dave Arneson, who enjoyed the mechanics and rules of the game and developed it into a ‘Lord of the Rings’ inspired game called ‘Blackmoor’. He took inspirations and mechanics from different games and developed the premise that would develop into what we now know as Dungeons and Dragons.

The history of DnD was set in motion. Players would play as a single character and explore dungeons as a cooperative group, they would face challenges and perils and the characters would upgrade and improve with each session…if they survived.

In 1972 Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson got together to develop the clear potential of both ‘Chainmail’ and ‘Blackmoor’. They codified both their games and put together the 50-page ruleset called ‘Dungeons & Dragons’.

The 5th Edition

Since its first edition, DnD has had its successes and failures. It has had times of huge popularity and times of being pushed to the fringes and sneered at by the mainstream. However, the release of the 5th edition in August of 2014 saw a turn in fortunes and several factors that led to increased popularity and newfound popularity in the mainstream.

It’s no secret that the success of the TV show ‘Stranger Things’ helped reinvigorate interest in the game, featuring the main character getting together for their games of DnD introduced the concept to a whole new audience.

The rise of online streaming platforms such as YouTube and twitch has also led to more accessibility & understanding for new gamers. Viewing channels such as ‘Critical role’ & ‘High Roller’ can give gamers great insights into how the game is played and how experienced players bring it to life.

There is now more diversity in gamers with more audiences being reached than ever before. The time of teenage, suburbian nerds being the sole custodians of the DnD mantle, we are now seeing players from all demographics playing for the first time.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing DnD 5E?

It is said that playing Dungeons & Dragons is more than just a past-time, and it can bring benefits for both young and old in terms of educations, sociability, therapy, and creativity.

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The social benefits of DnD are obvious, getting together with a group of friends or strangers to cooperate and work together, using your different skill sets to the advantage of the group, and participating in a world created together can lead to strong real-world bonds and friendships that can last for decades.

If you are dedicated and passionate you can keep a campaign going for years, and arranging regular meet-ups can be beneficial for anyone that needs more sociability in their lives. In current times, that human connection can be a huge benefit.

Educators also believe that the skills that young learners can pick up can improve academic results. The organization, storytelling and technical gameplay can all help improve academic skills with language & literature, teamwork, and problem-solving all being key to the gameplay.

Writer Ethan Geldof explains how you can gain strengths and abilities you never knew you had from playing the game. Experts from educators to veterans have spoken about how playing DnD can help players overcome trauma by giving a creative and social outlet where their real-world skills and personality can shine through in a controlled environment in a fantasy world.

If you are suffering any form of psychological trauma or impairment, it could be worth looking for DnD groups in your area.

More Resources Than Ever Before

Due to the recent success and the power of social networks and online resources, there now available a plethora of guides, online shops, forums, channels, and game variations on offer than ever before.

From incredible dice rollers to customized maps, you can find everything you need online to make your own amazing DnDsetupp. Even if you are not able to make a real-life meeting, with the improvement of online conference apps such as Zoom, you can join a virtual game and still enjoy all of the aspects that make DnD so special.

You Should Start Playing DnD 5E Now - Here’s Why
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Becoming a DM

If you want to take your experience to the next level, you can also consider becoming a ‘Dungeon Master’. The ‘DM’ doesn’t participate in the game as a player, but instead organizes, referees and facilitates the game using narration and storytelling, making sure the players are following the rules, and by playing the characters and monsters that the participants encounter on their journey.

Becoming a DM can be a daunting task, managing the in-depth world, knowing the characters and creating a compelling narrative is not an easy task, so following along with advice from experiences DM’s can be a great way to get started and build on the knowledge and writing of those that have come before.

Becoming a DM can be a greatly awarding experience, with numerous screenwriters stating that their DM experience helped them become well-rounded storytellers and ultimately successful writers.


There has never been a better time to start playing DnD than now, and the 5th edition offers the best opportunity for you to get started. In these trying times, the social and creatives aspects of this game can be ju8st what you need to keep going or to improve your skills and abilities. With all the recent hype and developments there is now a huge community of DnD 5E players around the world that you can be part of.

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