Awesomely Made Mini Crossbow Might Hurt You Bad

Mini Crossbow 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Mini Crossbow Shooting Targets video)

you can laugh all you want about this miniature crossbow but it can really pack a punch with an well aimed shot. don’t believe? check out the test shots video after the break. constructed out of 22K gold and solid sterling silver body, this cute little weapon has a steel bow and string. power aside, this miniature weapon looks awesomely stunning and if you are not using it to hurt anybody it will certainly make a cool display piece. not that we encourage to use it on anyone but we are just saying. the designer has gone a step further by creating three types of handmade aluminum projectiles for it, namely, steel-tipped arrows, ramming arrows and fire-starting flare arrows. just like the good old medieval times, eh?
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touted as the world’s smallest crossbow, though i doubt you can kill anyone with it but a well aimed shot could cause your victim quite an agony. some words of advice, if it has a draw force of 5.9 lb (2.68 kilograms), you don’t want to be fooling around with this cutie. would you?

YouTube video via Make

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