Oakley joins the 3D eyewear market with 3D Gascan

Oakley 3D Gascan Polished Black 544x258px
(credit: Oakley) Oakley 3D Gascan | US$120.00 | www.oakley.com

i am so contradicting myself with this. a post ahead, i featured a 2D Glasses that cancels out 3D for a less headache inducing 2D movie experience and now, here is a pair of 3D glasses from Oakley. let’s just put it this way, this is for all 3D movie lovers who wants to watch eye popping movies in style. the $120 Oakley 3D Gascan (Ga Scan or Gas Can?) is touted to be “the world’s first optically correct 3D glasses.” designed to look like any other Oakley shades, this pair of 3D sunnies employ Oakley’s proprietary HDO-3D technology that is said to eliminate crosstalk and distortion. it is compatible with Real3D which incidentally, is the most commonly used 3D technology in cinema.
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available in polished black or polished white. the latter makes you look a little cooler among of the sea of black cumbersome cinema-issued item. needless to say, you can use this pair of expensive 3D glasses at home too.

Oakley 3D Gascan Polished White 544x258px

Oakley via Uncrate

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