On contrary to general population’s beliefs, rich people do have their fair share of problems. Problems like how to play a game of snooker on a yacht without the balls rolling around. Well, you know what? Uber luxe hypercar maker Bugatti has solved this first world, very rich folks’ problem with a high-tech pool table.

Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Designed in collaboration with IXO is a limited edition pool table that be fitted with an optional “servo-driven system” which features gyroscopic sensor that will automatically adjust the level of the table whenever a change in the level is detected.

With the self-leveling pool table, a game of snooker onboard a yacht riding on rough water is totally possible. The sophisticated system can adjust the individual legs to maintain the level in as quick as 5ms and it can do so subtly that players won’t even notice the adjustment.

Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table

In addition to the tech, the pool table is exquisite as Bugatti’s automobiles in craftsmanship and materials. Each table is presented in carbon fiber and features materials like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and leather.

It isn’t just a table; it has all the works, including a wall cue support that has a 13-inch, high-resolution touchscreen for keeping track of scores. Matching carbon fiber pool cues are included, each featuring an anodized and CNC-machined aluminum ends topped with an end that recalls the design of the buttons found in Bugatti’s uber luxe hypercars.

Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table

The package also includes a matching dimmable ceiling lamp – also made from carbon fiber, a chalk box, a clean brush, along with other accessories – all Bugatti branded, of course.

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The first official Bugatti Pool Table will see delivery to its customers in June and it is available to buy for a cool €250,000 (or about US$305,000). Only 30 examples will be produced.

All images courtesy of Bugatti.

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