When the Mac Pro was revealed two years ago, its cheesegrater case was the subject of ridicule and memes. The practicality of the holes covered front is questionable. Clearly, not everyone is a fan.

Mac Pro Cheesegrater iPhone Case

However, if you love the design (congrats, you are not a trypophobic!) and whether you own a Mac Pro or not because, you cannot afford one, popular design blog Yanko Design’s writer Sarang Sheth your desire for cheesegrater design covered.

Sheth has designed a “cheesegrater” style iPhone case. The idea of the holes-ridden design is beyond ridiculous for a phone and therefore, as much as anyone like the concept, it will never become a reality. Not even remotely.

Mac Pro Cheesegrater iPhone Case

This is where Sheth’s custom iPhone case design will come in handy. The good news is, this Mac Pro “cheesegrater” iPhone case concept. It can be had. The only thing is, you have to 3D print one yourself. So, yeah, now you can have your iPhone looking like a cheesegrater. Hurray.

Mac Pro Cheesegrater iPhone Case

Images and source: Yanko Design.

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