Vecnos 360-degree IQUI Camera

The pen-style 360-degree camera from Ricoh’s offshoot, Vecnos, we saw earlier this year is finally available. The Vecnos 360-degree IQUI Camera, as it is called, is an imaging marvel that miniaturized a 360-imaging system into a form factor that is little larger than a pen. OK, maybe not a typical pen, but a very large pen, or a slim flash light.

Vecnos 360-degree IQUI Camera

Three lenses are found on the side of the device while one is located on the top. It is insanely compact for a conventional camera and a 360-degree imaging device, and weighing a meager 2.2 oz (or 62g).

This device may just revolutionized selfie, allowing individuals and groups to take 360-degree selfies. A companion app, IQUISPIN, enables easy editing and sharing of 360-degree photos, including turning 360-degree photos into a mini videos in a few taps.

Vecnos 360-degree Camera

Capture images are forwarded to your phone automatically, ready be edited and shared. Now, that’s a welcomed convenience.

The pen itself. Sorry, I mean, the camera, is designed to appeal to the fun seeking folks with a subdued metallic glow and sleek curve lines. Unfortunately, though, it does not appear to be offered in any other colorways.

Vecnos 360-degree IQUI Camera

The Vecnos 360-degree IQUI Camera can be ordered as we speak for US$299 a pop on

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Images: Vecnos.