Vecnos, A Ricoh Spin Off, Miniaturized 360-Degree Camera Into A Pen-like Form Factor

Remember the one time when some companies tried to sell us pen-style voice memo recorders? Well, this is Vecnos and it wants to do the same, but with 360-degree imaging. Vecnos is a Ricoh spin off and funded by Ricoh.

Ricoh Announced New WG-70 All-Weather Adventure Compact Digital Camera

There’s a trend of NOT owning digital cameras, even a point-and-shoot variety, when traveling. However, if you are expecting yourself to rough it out and still capture images, you may want to consider picking up an all-weather adventure compact camera like the new Ricoh WG-70.

Ricoh Reveals New Theta With 23 MP Sensor, 4K Videoing, RAW Support

Yesterday (or still today, depending on where you are), Ricoh Imaging Company in Japan has announced the launch of the Ricoh Theta Z1 360-degree camera. First introduced in 2013, Theta was Ricoh’s foray into consumer-grade 360-degree imaging. Since then, there have been a couple of iterations and the Theta Z1 you see here, unveiled ahead […]

Ricoh Outs New Ultra-rugged Digital Cameras And A New GR Shooter

Digital cameras are not as fragile as smartphones, but if they are rugged, such as in the case of the Ricoh WG-6, ultra-rugged, it does give you peace of mind when handling it. Unveiled by Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation a few days ago, the Ricoh WG-6 Ultra-rugged Digital Compact Camera is a compact, waterproof and […]

Ricoh Slashes Theta SC 360 Camera From $299 to $199

Here’s a quick one. You remember Ricoh Theta 360-degree Digital Camera from a few years ago? It was among the first 360 camera back then and since then, Ricoh hasn’t stop dabbling in. It was never cheap, though. In fact, it is kind of pricey. Anyways, Ricoh must have felt the heat of the competitions […]

Ricoh R Development Kit 24-Hour Spherical Live Streaming Camera Opens For Pre-order

If you think live video stream is limited to what our eyes can see (AKA field of view), well, think again. Ricoh, the ancient imaging equipment maker who managed to adapt and survive in this brutal digital world, has a camera with the technology that is totally capable of delivering up to 24 hours of […]

Ricoh Jumps Into The Action Cam Market With WG-M1 Action Camera

when we first saw the product image of Ricoh’s first action camera, the WG-M1, it took a while for us to digest the fact that it is an action camera cos’ it doesn’t look quite like one, but what’s that has to do with all we about to say? nothing actually. it was merely an […]