Remember the one time when some companies tried to sell us pen-style voice memo recorders? Well, this is Vecnos and it wants to do the same, but with 360-degree imaging. Vecnos is a Ricoh spin off and funded by Ricoh.

It was founded by the same team that was responsible for Ricoh Theta 360 camera in 2013 and so, they do know a thing or two when it comes to 360-degree imaging.

The company’s first product is the Vecnos 360-Degree Camera. With the Vecnos 360-Degree Camera, the company packs a proprietary four-lens optical system into a pen-like, totally pocket-friendly form factor.

The four-lens optical system features three lenses on the side and on the top to achieve the next level of miniaturization not seen in the 360-degree camera market.

Seriously, it is incredibly compact and, depending on the price, it may just popularized 360-degree imaging – 360-degree selfies included.

No words on the pricing. However, Vecnos 360-degree Camera is set to arrive this year, along with an app for enhancing and sharing images and videos on social media platforms. Meanwhile, you can see the device in action in the video below.

Images: Vecnos.

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