It does not matter if you own a Razer gaming chair or not because most gaming chair is missing one very gaming-ish feature: RGB lighting. This is where Razer Head Cushion Chroma comes in.

Razer Head Cushion Chroma RGB

The Razer Head Cushion Chroma not only offers added support for your neck and head but also features Razer Chroma RGB. But of course!

Razer Chroma RGB, as we all know by now, offers 16.8 billion colors, countless patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects – never mind the fact that no one, including yourself, is going to see the psychedelic light effects unless you move your head to the sides.

Razer Head Cushion Chroma RGB

Perhaps, for fans, it will offer a sense of completeness knowing the head cushion does light up. Just saying… But beauty may be skin deep in this case because the device will need to be powered by a portable charger i.e. power bank.

So expect a cable snaking behind the chair and also, you do have to find a way to secure the power bank. It’s not perfect. It really should have its own battery and perhaps, allows it to double as a power bank. I mean, that’s what every company is doing, isn’t it?

Razer Head Cushion Chroma RGB

Anywho, as for Chroma, it connects to your mobile or PC wirelessly via Bluetooth and you need to pair it every time the head cushion powers up. After pairing, you are all set to start customizing the Chroma using the Razer Chroma app (for mobile), or Razer Synapse if connected to a PC.

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I don’t know man. The need to pair it every time the cushion powers up and the need for it to be powered by an external power sounds like a hassle more than the eye candy which you hardly get to see. And at US$119.99 a pop, we would expect it to be more fun and an inconvenience.

Razer Head Cushion Chroma RGB

Images: Razer.

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