Don’t be envious of chickens that get to dwell in an UFO. Now, you can too with Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House aka the UFO House. You may remember the Futuro from our post 10 years ago. Well, apparently, this is not the same one.

Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House

The Futuro we featured a decade ago is located in northern Wisconsin’s Arbor Vitae while this one available to rent on Airbnb is in Joshua Tree, CA. That kind of made the claim of “the only 1 available you can stay a night in” not quite true.

But that don’t matter. What matters is, you can live in an UFO, even for just one night.

The Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House is a glamping experience living in a UFO-shape accommodation, completely off-grid. Well, it is not completely “off-grid” per se cos’ it does have WiFi and there’s a TV too. But why would you want to watch a TV and utilize the WiFi when you there’s a gorgeous outdoor waiting for you?

Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House is a perfect for getting away from the madness that is happening around us… IF you have at least US$292 to spare because, that’s how much it will cost you a night.

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Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House

Images: Airbnb.

via This Is Why I’m Broke.

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