PodUpNorth UFO House
designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen back in 1968, this UFO-looking house was once up for grab but has since turned into a holiday...

Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen back in 1968, this UFO-looking house, which was once up for grab, has since been turned into a holiday accommodation that will put a smile on any alien enthusiasts.

You got to admit that the design of the house looks very 60s kind of futuristic. Considering where it is set, I can’t help but to think of Lost in Space looking at it. I know, the Robinsons did not have an alien aircraft, but I think you get the idea where the vibe come from.

PodUpNorth UFO House

Like a true blue UFO as we earthlings have imagined them to be, it features a retractable stairway that pops out at a touch of a button. That happens to be the only entry and exit point. Wait. What? No ray to beam you in and out of the spacecraft? What a bummer!

On the more conventional end, this three level house includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. there’s also a couple of row boats to boot, just in case you want to spend your time out on the water instead of your alien abode. Check out some beautiful images surrounding this UFO-like house after break.

For anyone’s who is keen, you can have a chance to reside in this UFO-like architecture for just $425 a week via PopUpNorth.com. According to PopUpNorth.com, they believe that there are about 16 or 17 of such pods in the USA and they also believe that theirs is the only one that is up for rent as a vacation home (as of 2011, that is).

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PopUpNorth.com via Born Rich