Yamaha powered golf cart for speed demon golfers

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Insane EZ-GO Golf Cart | US$auction | www.ebay.com

speed demon golfers rejoice, now you carry on your life on the fast lane on to the golfing turfs with the Insane EZ-GO Golf Cart. the builder has put in no less than $25,000 into building this monster golf cart and is now going under hammer on eBay (with a reserved price, of course). powered by a Yamaha R1 sportsbike motor that puts out a healthy 150 hp, mated to a factory Yamaha 6-speed transmission that enables this custom golf cart to hit 100 mph.
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some of the features include chrome bumper bars, custom tube chassis and roll cage, wheelie bar, mudders (aka dirt tires), nitrogen-charged coilover shocks all round and custom blue paint job with flames. just check out the position of the wheelie bar. let’s just say that if i were to wheelie that high, my heart would stop. incredible. oh, one more thing. don’t be deceived by the nitrous oxide cans behind, they are there for aesthetic purpose only, or perhaps to scare away any would be competition.

eBay via Luxury Launches

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