even in this digital age, mechanical watch movements still represent the pinnacle of watch craftsmanship and thus, it is only natural that mechanical movements are the preferred movement for any watch connoisseur. however, despite the technological advancement in watchmaking, mechanical watch still suffers from the inherent imperfection in timing as the watch loses power – a problem that this luxurious and majestic URWERK EMC watch aims to eliminate. on the personal level, i wouldn’t be too overly obsessed if my BR01 goes a few seconds off, but for those who live life with the motto of “every second counts”, i’m sure EMC will be the watch to look forward to. nested within the satin finish titanium and steel case is both a URWEK-developed mechanical movement and a clever circuitry that runs independently of the watch movement for keeping track of the movement’s accuracy. to better understand what exactly EMC has to offer is to think of it as a mechanical watch with a Witschi-like measuring instrument incorporated into it.

we are no watch expert here, but to us, this feat, let alone having the ability to fine tune the timing by yourself, is nothing short of a watchmaking marvel. the EMC’s monitoring unit (which comprises of the optical sensor and a tiny computer) is powered separately by a hand-cranked micro-generator made by Swiss company Maxon, while fine tuning of timing is done via a very small screw on the caseback (thoughtfully labeled in engraved words “fine tuning”). other features include sapphire crystal, water resistance to 30 meters (3ATM; about 98 feet), and a 80-hour power reserve. we are not sure how far one would go to ensure precision timing (to the seconds, mind you), however, one thing is for sure: this would be a perfect monument time piece for any serious watch collectors as a reminder of how much watchmaking has evolved. availability and pricing are still unknown as this point, so in the mean time, you can treat yourself to a few more look in the gallery below, or hit up this link to learn more about the EMC watch.

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